Though this is the first journal on medium that I am writing, but this isn’t the very first,because I had been journaling by my own all this time until now.
So you’ll find my stories as a continuation rather than a start.

Writing anonymously to connect and see whether it’s me alone experiencing all of this or are there other people too, how nature is driving us all, am I supposed to live in this ?Is this how everybody feels?

Also “anonymously” because I want to be true while I am writing my feelings and don’t any other external factors from influencing or coming in my writing my raw an true feelings.

Here, I want to be true to myself.

Also, would love to know what you people feel, please write to me at Write Connect Understand .
I would love to know your stories as well.

And I promise to not let out your identities without your permission.
You can even write to me anonymously.

Yours truly,
(A human name that I am taking so that we can have a better human connection)

P.S. : I am a little puzzled up with my thoughts, so you won’t always find logic or order in my stories.
I’ll write whatever comes to me, because I am tired of keeping everything on my mind and I think so much.

A girl writing out her feelings